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Become a monthly donor and join Five Talents micro-savings and loan group members on the road out of extreme poverty.



Did you know that, in the developing world, a woman or man who launches a micro-enterprise often faces the same challenges that entrepreneurs in our own country face?

Deng, a vegetable farmer and member of a Five Talents savings group in Lietnhom, South Sudan, recently told us about his own struggle to launch a sustainable business.

"I was very green in business. I had not received much of the small-scale business training that I have now, and also I lacked adequate capital to invest and boost my business," he said. "It is no wonder that it finally collapsed."

It wasn't until he joined the Five Talents program and began attending workshops and accessing micro-loans that Deng achieved a measure of success.

Make no mistake – the road out of poverty can be a long one. So far Deng has used his profits to buy a small plot of land and build a temporary shelter on it. He also bought an ox-plow, which he rents out to other smallholder farmers like himself.

Improvements in living conditions, and ultimately, real transformation is only achieved with a long-term investment in serving communities like Lietnhom.

Will you Walk With Us and become a partner in this patient, sustainable approach to empowering and equipping folks like Deng so they can achieve true financial inclusion and provide for their families?


Globe: Choose a community

Invest in the country of your choice. Five Talents is seeking to expand its savings and credit-led programs in South Sudan, Sudan, Burundi, Indonesia, Myanmar and Bolivia.

Calendar: Donate monthly

Give via credit or debit card, automatic bank withdrawal or check. Online recurring donations will be processed on the 15th of every month.

Woman: Transform lives

Your monthly support will enable women and men to participate in savings and loan groups, access basic financial services, and training in core business skills, such as accounting and marketing. Group members also receive mentoring and spiritual development.

Video: Receive exclusive updates from the field

Monthly donors will receive quarterly e-mail updates featuring unique content from the field, including infographics, impact reports, videos, stories of transformation and photo essays. Starting in 2014-2015, Walk With Us partners will also have an opportunity to participate in a conference call with Five Talents President and CEO Sonia Patterson.


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Monthly donations may be canceled at any time by calling Five Talents at 703-242-6016.