Business as Ministry: Integrity in the Marketplace

Vicenta sells poultry at a local market near Tarija, Bolivia. Several years ago, her husband became very ill.

"My husband was paralyzed and could not speak, he could not even go to the bathroom."

Amidst her husband's sickness, Vicenta struggled to provide food and shelter for her family. By working hard at her small poultry business the family could just get by, but medical treatment for her husband was too expensive.

"We could not pay physiotherapy for my husband and he was very depressed."

After joining a Five Talents savings group, however, Vicenta has been able to access loans to develop her business. Her small group members pray for her family and her business. As a member she has learned more about savings, business management, and financial management. She has also developed new convictions about how to run her business.

In the local market, sometimes people sell meat in bad condition or force prices higher than they should be. Vicenta decided to reject this practice. "My clients are children of God and I have to give them the best product with the honest price", she says.

"God owns everything and we are His stewards, he is like the Mayor and I am his minister of food so I have to work for God selling healthy and accessible food for their children and praise God with my business."

Vicenta also recognized her responsibility to care for the less fortunate in her community.

"When I sell chicken in the market, some very poor people come to my and they have very little money to buy food, I am happy to give them a little more of what their money can pay, because I know that God wants to bless them through me business, as He blesses me."

Vicenta's business has grown and she is happy with her profits. She can now cook meals that her husband likes and support his medical treatment. With medication his condition has been improving and he can now speak on his own and walk with support.

"Now my husband feels better and I feel more strength as the group prays for me. . . God is stronger and He helps us. . .Before, my business was a simple business just to earn money. Now it is a ministry with which I bless my marriage and many hungry people."

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