Never Too Old to Start a New Business

Consider this lesson from our friend in Bolivia:

Timotea used to stay by herself at home and was often sick. Her children were all grown up and there seemed to be little purpose or significance for her life.

One day, at the encouragement of friends, Timeotea decided to join a Five Talents savings group.

Timotea had never run a business, but through the group's encouragement, she decided to start her own business selling refreshments. This got her out of the house and also helped her to develop and use talents she had never known she had.

Starting with less than $3, Timotea bought sugar and dried fruit and prepared beverages for sale with purified water. Timotea noted that most of the vendors in the market were dishonest and did not use purified water, leading many people to become sick. Because of her faith, Timotea committed to prepare drinks only with clean water.

Within just a few hours of her first sales attempt at the market, Timotea sold all of her beverages and gained 500% on her investment.

"I went to the market to sell in the afternoon, and when I came back home I already had 100 bolivianos in my hand."

Timotea was eventually elected as the treasurer of her savings group and the entire church. Timotea is a mentor and role model to many in the church and is eager to share her testimony and life experience with younger women.

"My husband is happy that the group trusts me and has given me responsibilities. . . Sometimes people think that [the elderly] cannot do anything, but the elderly have more time to do so many things and can teach the younger. Before we felt sick or bored at home, now my husband is always checking my cash books and tells me not to be late to meetings."

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