Christmas Carols in a Barbershop Choir

This week I enjoyed singing Christmas carols with our son as part of a barbershop choir. We stood in the cold outside an old country store and could barely read our music by the glow of little white twinkling Christmas lights around us. For just a moment it felt like we had gone back in time and were part of a scene from an old Christmas card.

Some of the decorating and gift buying I had planned to do that day didn’t get done. But that’s OK. For that time, we were doing just the right thing.

During this busy time of year, I hope we all get a chance to slow down part of the time. During some of the mornings ahead, let’s think about what we would enjoy most in the coming day. Let’s take in the wonderful smells, the flavors, the colors, and the smiles on the faces of little kids seeing some of this for the first time.

Let’s marvel in the way we continue to celebrate the birth of a poor little child 2,000 years after he had no place for a bed.

Blessings to you,

Dale Stanton-Hoyle
Executive Director, Five Talents USA