A Journey Beyond the End of the Road

Last week I enjoyed talking with folks who are excited to be part of achieving our dreams.

The road less traveled

A few years ago a Five Talents team was traveling in the hill country of Burundi. Their 4-wheel drive vehicle drove to the end of the road and then kept going. They drove along a foot path until they got to a village.

A crowd emerged, singing, dancing, and welcoming our group. They were so excited to share how they had been successful at forming savings groups and starting new businesses.

When our group heard there was a waiting list of over 50,000 people who needed literacy and business training, it sounded like an amazing challenge. But thankfully, the last two years have started to turn into an amazing dream come true.

The growth of our programs in Asia, Africa, and South America keeps taking us beyond “the end of the road.” We are so grateful to see this dream unfolding. And we’re grateful that you are part of making this possible.

Thank you,

Dale Stanton-Hoyle,
Executive Director