Let the Games Begin: March Matchness is Back!

Good Monday morning,

March MATCHness is here! That’s right, Five Talents is challenging you to bring your A game in generosity.

A group of generous Five Talents donors will MATCH every dollar donated to Five Talents throughout the month of March.

As you give to Five Talents, vote for your favorite benefit of Five Talents Programs. These benefits include: Self-Respect and Dignity, Improved Nutrition, Secure Housing, Strengthened Families, Vibrant Local Churches, Accessible Healthcare, Healtheir Communities, School Fees for Kids, Adult Literacy, Agricultural Development, Empowered Women, Leadership Development, Trained Entrepreneurs, Sustainable Businesses, Ongoing Fellowship, and Experiencing God's Love. Learn more in our March Matchness bracket.

Thank you for your partnership in ministry. Together we make a world of difference,

Dale Stanton-Hoyle,
Executive Director