Why Take Time to Think about Program Impacts?

Entrepreneur from Peru

This month we are asking you, our valued partners, to help us reflect on the impact of our programs. Why are we doing this?

Staying Focused

One reason is so we stay focused on what’s most important to Five Talents, our partners around the world, and the new entrepreneurs who are brave enough to start new businesses.

Maximum Effectiveness

Another reason we measure and analyze impacts is so we can reflect on our program designs and incorporate what works best. In general, of course, we believe empowering people through economic development helps in the long term more than relief efforts (which are also necessary). And we repeatedly see the effectiveness of working through local churches around the world, both because of the resources the church communities offer and because of the spiritual nurturing those communities provide long after the business training is over.

Why did we change most of our program designs about ten years ago from a credit-based model to a savings-based model? Because it helped the repayment of loan rates jump up to average more than 95%, and because it helped us to run programs with the poorest of the poor.

So, whether we see our programs increasing adult literacy, strengthening families, empowering women, or helping all participants to experience God’s love, we will keep fine tuning our programs to achieve the greatest good possible.

Until next Monday, blessings be with you,

Dale Stanton-Hoyle
Executive Director