How to Build a Successful Business in the Developing World

The Business Development Process

It’s amazing the ideas that entrepreneurs come up with.

The process of starting a new business in the West is similar to what happens among extremely poor communities in the developing world.

Naw Yin's Orchid Business in Myanmar

Naw Yin's Orchid Business in Myanmar

Micro-entrepreneurs explore their environment and look for needs and opportunities. They develop a plan, find access to capital, market their products or services, and begin to build and manage their business.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Five Talents helps entrepreneurs along the way through training, mentorship, and community savings.

Here’s how one young mother in Myanmar, Naw Yin, describes the businesses she’s developed with help from Five Talents:

“I have an orchid garden and offer floral services. I also produce and sell natural and chemical free hand made products such as soap, shampoo, facial foam, balm and natural fruit juice. I am also selling honey and local natural coffee.”

From humble beginnings, Naw Yin’s diverse businesses are now thriving. Thank you for empowering women entrepreneurs through the ministry of Five Talents. This week, as we celebrate International Women's Day, we are proud to help women from around the world succeed in business and in life.

May God bless you,

Dale Stanton-Hoyle
Executive Director