Five Talents Launches New Program in DR Congo


I am excited to announce the start of a new program in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Many of you know I lived in DRC for almost five years, so I am particularly grateful to get back to this amazingly complex country with roughly 80 million people.

The announcement comes after years of groundwork (and meetings two weeks ago, photo on the left) and involves a partnership with World Concern and the Diocese of Aru of the Anglican Church of Congo.

The Diocese of Aru is located at the northeast corner of DR Congo and covers an area the size of Georgia, with 35 parishes, 56 primary schools and eight health centers.  While the region is economically poor, it has enormous potential to thrive. Most of the population engages in subsistence farming and small animal husbandry.

In partnering with the Diocese of Aru, Five Talents continues its mission to go where others don’t and to serve some of the world’s most marginalized communities. In Aru, Five Talents aims to help local communities identify, develop, and multiply their own local resources while creating new businesses. In addition to literacy and business skills training, facilitators will share a curriculum for gender-based violence and trauma counseling. We hope to reach 60 communities throughout the region.

Learn more about DR Congo and how you can get involved.

Until next Monday, blessings be with you,

Dale Stanton-Hoyle,
Executive Director