Filled with Laughter: An Update from Bolivia

In the mountains of southwestern Bolivia.

Our Five Talents team is in Bolivia this week.

We are so grateful to visit the Seeds of Blessing Program here and to see the stories we have heard taking life before our eyes. The meetings of the savings groups here often involve lessons from the Bible, action skits with members of the group taking parts, teaching about new technologies that can help them drink clean water, and much more. These exciting gatherings, filled with laughter, are a wonderful contrast to the extraordinarily difficult lives many group members have lived. We have also visited (and even enjoyed the food from) some of the new businesses.

This is such a diverse country. Here in Cochabamba, we are now at 8,300 feet elevation, in the foothills of the Andean mountains, and I’m a bit cold as I write this outside our hotel. But we began our trip in the hot “lowlands” of Santa Cruz where many of the 3 million people are from an Amazonian background.

Five Talents Bolivia members enjoy sharing their stories.

Through it all we experience the hospitality of these warm people, and we are grateful that our Five Talents support is growing through the exceptional leadership of the Seeds of Blessing team. (Click here to learn more about Five Talents ministry in Bolivia.)

Until next Monday morning,

Dale Stanton-Hoyle,
Executive Director