Why Trust is So Important


Dear friends,

I enjoyed meeting this week with church leaders from across the United States.

In one session I saw a survey that said supporters often don’t trust organizations to actually use the supporters’ gifts as promised. I was gratified to see that Christian organizations were the most trusted, but still, how could this be? How could any group not work to earn your trust?

Then I thought of the staff retreat we just completed two weeks ago. We privately listed the things we most value at Five Talents, and collectively we agreed that things like integrity and honesty matter most.We refer to supporters and friends like you as our domestic partners, and we have to earn your trust. We are all in this together. And together we are excited to see families around the world using their talents and flourishing every day.

If you ever have a question about how we use every dollar of your donations carefully, please contact me directly. I will be happy to explain how we wisely leverage all your gifts and what a powerful impact that makes.

Until next Monday morning,

Dale Stanton-Hoyle
Executive Director