Step 3: Plan for Success

Planning for business success

Last week we talked about step 2 (Know Your Neighbors) from the lessons we share around the world on how to build a successful business. This week is Step 3: PLAN FOR SUCCESS.

“The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.” — Proverbs 21:5

If you’re interested in succeeding in business, a good place to start is with a strong business plan.

Have you ever seen the television show “Shark Tank?” In each show new entrepreneurs pitch their business plan to a group of potential investors. In our savings groups, each new entrepreneur also has to pitch their business plan to the local leaders of the savings group before they can take out a loan.

And similarly, this week in an abbey near London we discussed material for our Five Talents strategic plan. Did you know Five Talents has offices in Nairobi, Kenya, London, England, and Fairfax, Virginia, USA? To be effective we try to look at our work from all perspectives, honoring the talents, and the differences, of our diverse group of leaders.

Until next Monday,

Dale Stanton-Hoyle,
Executive Director