An Inspiring Story of Fatherhood

Fatherhood is an incredible gift. As we grow and when our families move or experience great transitions, dads often play a key role.

My own dad has helped me navigate so many seasons of life and I am so grateful.

A Lesson from South Sudan

Last year, I visited one of the community banks started by Five Talents in South Sudan. I met many dads there who due to poverty and hardship had all but given up. But thanks to the kindness of friends like you, these dads are now full of hope and able to shape a new generation of young men.

Celebrating Father’s Day with an inspiring story from South Sudan.

“At first I never knew where my father used to get enough money to pay all my school fees, uniforms, books, treatment, and sometimes pocket money for my lunch. Then he told me that he is a member of South Sudan Community Bank and that is where he get loans from when we need money. South Sudan Community Bank in our community has done a great thing by providing our parents with money to enable them pay for our school requirements." - (Philip, pictured with his dad above)

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Executive Director