Step 2: Know Your Neighbors

Cinco Talentos in Bolivia.

Identifying Local Needs

Last week we talked about step 1 (Start Small and Dream Big) from the lessons we share around the world on how to build a successful business. This week isStep 2: Know Your Neighbors.

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with a product or service without first considering its users. When Five Talents conducts training on business development, we ask participants to first look around at the needs and opportunities in their communities. What do their neighbors want?

We have enjoyed time this week with Eva Mamani from Bolivia as she visits with us in Fairfax, VA. Eva works with her sister, Sara, to implement the Five Talents program in Bolivia. Eva has been showing groups this week how important Step 2 is. She told us a story about an eager new entrepreneur who wanted to sell empanadas so much that she didn’t listen to the advice of her savings group leaders. She cooked so many empanadas that she couldn’t sell them, and her family ate them for a week!

Building Strong Relationships

Business is about more than finances; it’s about relationships. That’s why all our training worldwide encourages our partners to pay close attention to Step 2, before you start cooking, get to know what your neighbors really want.

Until next Monday morning,

Dale Stanton-Hoyle,
Executive Director