Step 4: How to Manage Growth Wisely

Recently we talked about Step 3 (Plan for Success) from the lessons we share around the world on how to build a successful business. Today I’d like to share Step 4: Manage Growth Wisely.

Dale Stanton-Hoyle with Bishop Seth Ndayirukiye in Burundi.

Dale Stanton-Hoyle with Bishop Seth Ndayirukiye in Burundi.

I had the honor this week to meet with two of the bishops we support, one from Burundi and one from South Sudan. Both talked with me about growing the Five Talents programs in the areas where they are responsible. Both demonstrated a strong faith and a strong sense of responsibility.

Poverty is not a moral failing; poverty is a complex condition that can be defeated with good support and hard work.

These bishops knew that starting a business is one thing; growing it is another. In the USA more than 50% of businesses fail within the first five years. But successful entrepreneurs often keep trying, starting two or three businesses until they succeed.

Around the world, applying the training from Five Talents can make a big difference. Participants in Five Talents programs gain tools and access to mentors and resources to build businesses that can grow.

Until next Monday,

Dale Stanton-Hoyle,
Executive Director

P.S. You can help families work their way out of poverty through the graduate from poverty campaign. For a few more days every gift to Five Talents is matched.