A Picture on the Wall

Meet Salome, a Tanzanian Entrepreneur

Meet Salome, a Tanzanian Entrepreneur

We had a guest in our Five Talents office last week. When I asked her what kinds of questions she and her friends might have about what we do, she pointed to this photograph on the wall. She reflected out loud on the woman’s life. “I wonder how she spends her days with her sewing business? Look at those pictures on the wall behind her. I guess she designs clothes for the people who come to her shop. Apparently, she doesn’t just repair clothes that are old and worn out. I wonder how she learned how to design. And I wonder what kind of dresses she makes.”

I was so impressed with the way this young woman in our office was able to instantly connect with the spirit of one of our entrepreneurs. It helped to remind me that each one of these children of God is not just a new business owner. Each person who participates in our programs has a story, a family, and a future.

It made me feel grateful to be a part of these people’s lives, as you are, too.