Matching Gift Opportunity

Matching Gift Opportunity

The month of March brings two fun things:

  • An opportunity to match the challenges of some of our key donors. Every gift is doubled.
  • Some terrific basketball played out across the U.S.

So we've created a tournament of our own.

Five Talents programs represent a far-reaching approach to empowering the poor in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Knowing which of our program benefits are most important to you, helps us understand how to best leverage our partnerships for good.

So this month, as you give to Five Talents, let us know what benefits are most important to you:

Tournament rules:

  1. Look at the list of benefits in the tournament bracket above.
  2. Until March 23rd, make at least a $50 donation, and you will get to vote for your favorite benefit.
  3. Only one vote per gift, no matter how much you donate.
  4. Feel free to make multiple gifts and vote for more benefits.
  5. We'll announce the results of your picks on March 23rd, and you can donate/vote for the remaining four teams/benefits until March 31st.
  6. Then we'll post the results again, and you'll get one more chance to vote for the winner in the final matchup. We'll announce the winner on April 3rd.

We hope you find this fun, but if you're not interested in brackets, just make a donation anyway so that you can double the good you do with your gift.