Our Proven Model

Five Talents uses a proven and innovative model that combines education, mentorship, community savings, and business development to fight poverty and create new opportunities for the poor. We use a client-focused and community-centered approach that equips local entrepreneurs and mobilizes local resources. 

Our programs build the skills and capacity of local organizations to serve their communities, and we work with the local church and program partners to develop leaders and staff who can create and manage programs that serve the needs of each individual and community.

At Five Talents, families come FIRST. We are committed to responding to God’s command to serve the poor through a model that empowers families and communities:



Working closely with churches, our programs lay a foundation for spiritual, economic, and social transformation for self-sufficiency.


Our work is inspired by the Biblical parable of the talents and the call of Jesus to minister good news to the poor.


With local leadership, a proven track record and strong demand, our programs are multiplying even in the most challenging contexts.


Building strong partnerships and structures, we focus on training, equipping, and community ownership for sustainable development.


Inspiring transformation with a holistic approach, communities move from extreme poverty to restored dignity by empowering talent through enterprise, and fostering community accountability and fellowship.


Five Steps in Transformational Development

  1. Group Formation: Five Talents and its local partners organize micro-entrepreneurs into groups that provide encouragement and accountability. These groups become hubs for a whole range of community development measures, including literacy training, peace-building, accounting and marketing workshops, and healthcare opportunities. Members learn and grow in a loving and supportive community and build a network for growth.
  2. Foundational Principles: Our work is founded on the belief that every single person has God-given dignity and talent. Group members learn biblical principles on identity, life, work, and finances. Five Talents equips women and men to identify and develop their gifts and abilities and to make a better life for themselves and their family members.
  3. Training and Saving: Every micro-entrepreneur learns how to manage money wisely and develop fiscal discipline by putting away a portion of their earnings into savings. Members learn to prepare for emergencies, meet current financial obligations, and plan for the future. For many women, this stage is crucial in helping them to earn more respect and influence in their household.
  4. Lending and Mentoring: Once members have built up savings and learned basic financial literacy skills, many choose to take out a small loan to spark growth in an existing or new business. Each groups develop their own constitution and most groups use a system for rotating savings and credit with an average of one percent interest per month. A mentor or group facilitator advises members on business management and development and loan repayment.
  5. Growth and Repayment: Within 12 to 16 months, each savings group graduates. as self-managing and self-sustaining. When a group loan is repaid, the loan capital goes back into circulation. As time passes, new groups are added and new communities are reached. Many micro-entrepreneurs participate in multiple loan cycles with growing loan sizes.

Our groups have a 97% average repayment rate! As each cycle continues, poverty is broken and new businesses, assets, and resources are developed. Learn more about the Five Talents impact: