What Your Gift Achieves

Empowering THE POOR – What your Donation of $85 accomplishes


Tereza is a mother of three children and lives in a village in the Northwestern part of South Sudan. Having never attended school and growing up in an extremely poor, rural community, Tereza lacked access to many of the things that we take for granted in life. Her life was characterized by a constant struggle for survival and tireless efforts to provide food and basic needs for her children.

But because of a friend like you, and with an investment of just $85, Tereza’s life has now changed.  

Through one year of financial literacy and business skills training, Tereza developed skills to build a new business. She now grows fruit and vegetables and sells them to travelers alongside the road. Tereza is proud that many people buy her produce since her items are clean, fresh, and healthy. The Business Plan Training was one of the most important elements of the training, because it “helped me to know the needs of my customers”, Tereza says. 

The Power of Community Savings

During her training with Five Talents, Tereza also joined a community savings group formed with neighbors and friends. Her savings group provided access to financial services and tools which were unavailable anywhere else in her community. These tools enabled Tereza to grow her business and plan for a brighter future for her family.

Getting money was hard because I was not educated, but now it is easy. . .I managed to expand my business because I borrowed from my savings group.

With her income and savings, Tereza now provides an education for her eldest two children. In addition, Tereza has employed two others from her village. She has been able to buy new clothes for her family and “my family is now able to get food to eat every day”, Tereza says.

“I thank God that I am a member of our savings group and [have learned] business skills.”

Being involved in a small group with Five Talents has also connected Tereza to her local church. Tereza is now an active member of the church and says “my children are now baptized.”


Make Your Biggest IMpact

Tereza’s story is a typical example of the impact you can make when you contribute to Five Talents.

It costs just $85 for one family to join Five Talents programs, participate in a year of training, and become a member of a community savings group. When you give to Five Talents you share hope and create opportunity for vulnerable and poor women like Tereza.

For $85 per month or a gift of $1,020 per year you can empower a new family each month and equip an entire savings group. So go ahead, make your biggest impact with Five Talents. Together we transform lives through economic empowerment.