Where we Work

Five Talents has supported international partners in over 20 countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. We focus on high-risk, underserved communities where most residents lack access to traditional loans or other banking services. A number of our programs have graduated and are now fully self-sustaining and self-propagating. Currently our work is focused in: Bolivia, Burundi, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Click on a country to learn more.

Where We Work


Five Talents has worked in the mountains of Southeastern Bolivia since 2009 reaching out to families living in extreme poverty.


In the world's most rural country, Five Talents has helped over 45,000 members learn business and financial skills and participate in community savings and loans.


Democratic Republic of Congo

Five Talents is proud to work in DR Congo to help families identify and develop their God-given talents and resources.


Focusing on the urban slums of Jakarta, Five Talents has helped reach over 14,000 entrepreneurs with training and access to small loans for business development.


Reaching rural communities with business training and development opportunities, Five Talents has served over 15,000 entrepreneurs and helped create three banks in Kenya. 


Five Talents is working to spark microenterprise development in what has been one of the most closed countries in the world.

South Sudan

In an area with the highest illiteracy rates in the world, Five Talents has helped over 16,000 learn to read and write, and empowered entrepreneurs to build thousands of businesses, promote peace and create three community banks.


With over 70% of the population living below the poverty line, Five Talents is working with local partners to catalyze the development and growth of micro-businesses.


Five Talents has been working in Uganda for over 15 years, empowering entrepreneurs with training and access to community savings and loans.