We are big believers in small businesses. We believe everyone should have a safe place to save plus the opportunity to: develop their skills; build their business; educate their children and feed the whole family, to the benefit of the entire community. Since our founding in 1998, Five Talents USA has improved the lives of over 1,090,530 family members around the world. 

OUR Typical ParticipanTS

 Empowered Entrepreneur

  • Earn less than $1.90/day

  • Unemployed or subsistence level farmers

  • Live in rural, underserved communities

  • 80% women

  • Have 5-7 dependents

  • Begin by saving about $1 per week.

  • Develop a business with an initial loan of $30 to $50.

Our Typical Savings Groups

 Community Savings Group
  • Have 10-20 members

  • Meet on a weekly basis

  • Develop their own constitution

  • Appoint their own leadership

  • Establish separate Emergency or Social Insurance Funds.

  • Graduate within one year

  • Earn an average of 10% interest on savings

  • Achieve 97% loan repayment

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Key Stats


Rigorous monitor and Evaluation

Five Talents monitors its programs through semiannual portfolio and financial reports as well as semiannual and annual narrative reports. In addition, Five Talents maintains ongoing contact with program leaders and conducts regular monitoring visits. Download our latest Impact Reports.