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At Five Talents we use a proven model to empower small business and multiply the impact of charitable gifts by helping local communities to save, invest and develop. 


On average, each empowered entrepreneur who goes through our programs impacts 5 beneficiaries.

Take for example, Veronique in Burundi. With training and a loan of $7, she's developed a business that enables all four of her children to attend school. In South Sudan, Mugaa used $50 to escape poverty and build a scrap metal business with three full time employees. In Indonesia, Darmawati and three friends turned $81 dollars into a mat making business that employs 36 women.

When you become a monthly partner of Five Talents, you take the hand of a micro-entrepreneur and help them along the road out of poverty.

When considering charities, you want to know that your gift will make a difference

Your partnership with Five Talents provides life-transforming training, a safe place to save, business development, and spiritual mentorship. Your support promotes peace, stability, and economic development in some of the world's most marginalized communities.

Walk with Five Talents and sign up as a monthly partner today: