Walk With Us

When you partner with Five Talents, you empower small business and help vulnerable communities to save, invest and develop.  Using a proven model, together we can share hope and opportunity with the world’s poor.

Become a Monthly Partner

As a monthly partner you help to sustainably transform lives through economic empowerment:

Your gift of just twenty dollars a month provides ongoing training of two entrepreneurs, helping them to join a savings group, access financial services, start a business, and impact ten beneficiaries.

Your support of forty dollars per month equips a local leader to teach and mentor community savings groups across an entire region.

Your gift of $85 per month reaches a new family each month and helps to train, equip, and launch an entire community savings group - reaching 60 individuals with improved nutrition, education, and more.


On average, each empowered entrepreneur who goes through Five Talents programs impacts 5 beneficiaries.

Take for example, Veronique in Burundi. With training and a loan of $7, she's developed a business that enables all four of her children to attend school. In South Sudan, Mugaa used $50 to escape poverty and build a scrap metal business with three full time employees. In Indonesia, Darmawati and three friends turned $81 dollars into a mat making business that employs 36 women.

Give with Confidence

When considering charities, you want to know that your gift will make a difference

Your partnership with Five Talents provides life-transforming training, a safe place to save, and the tools to develop successful businesses. Your monthly commitment helps Five Talents to plan and faithfully steward its ministry - promoting peace, stability, and economic development in some of the world's most marginalized communities.

Join Five Talents as a monthly partner today: