Back to School

Empowering Parents to Take their Kids to School

If you could only send one of your children to school, which one would you choose?

For many parents around the world, this is a common dilemma. Education is a luxury that is out of reach for many families living in poverty. Often parents are forced to choose a single child to focus on their education.

Helping Families Send their Children Back to School

The greatest benefit parents find when joining Five Talents savings groups is the ability to send ALL of their children to school.

A Mother’s Story

Take for example, Kristina, a widow and mother of five from South Sudan. Kristina never had the opportunity to go to school herself, but through Five Talents literacy and business program she can now read and write in two languages and has developed her own businesses. Her charcoal business in Juba supports all five of her children to attend school.

Empowering poor families to provide is the smart way to universal child education and is more cost effective than child sponsorship.

The first day of school is full of eagerness and excitement. It represents a pivotal moment and a major transition in life. Do you remember your first day of school?

Joselin with her youngest child.

Joselin with her youngest child.

The Difference Education Makes

For Joselin, her first time in a classroom was at the age of 45. In a country where over 80% of women are illiterate, Joselin learned to read and write through her local church. Now part of a community savings group, she runs a small business and has paved the way for all six of her children to attend school.

Education opens opportunities. It connects us with the world and with those around us. Schools inspire dreams, build friendships, and equip future generations. For many poor families around the world, the greatest concern is taking their children to school.

At Five Talents, we help parents create jobs, build businesses, and save so that their children can have an education and a brighter future. On average, each entrepreneur we reach supports five others.

As your kids plan for Back to School, would you join us in making a special gift to empower more parents like Kristina and Joselin so they too can send their children to school? Just ten dollars per month empowers a family to meet the costs of education.

Thank you for making dreams come true.