Celebrating the Life of Hooks Johnston

Hooks Johnston during a Five Talents Trip

Hooks Johnston during a Five Talents Trip

Five Talents celebrates the life of Hooks Johnston, a true servant leader whose faith and dedication inspired many.

Hooks served on the Board of Directors of Five Talents for over twelve years including as the Chairman and Treasurer. He provided wise and compassionate leadership, strengthening the organization's ministry and helping to reach thousands of women and men in the developing world with opportunity and hope. One of Hooks' particular interests was in helping poor entrepreneurs develop sustainable businesses.

Hooks is remembered for his incredible commitment to the poor and marginalized:

"He was a Christian leader of the utmost integrity and humility who loved his family and the underserved in the world." – Kim Pacala

"He was a strong Christian, a loving husband and father, a staunch Five Talents supporter and long-time board member, and a friend." – Jim Oakes

"I looked at him as a solid rock for Five Talents, well reasoned, realistic and hopeful, kind and strong, always trusting in the Lord. I admired his courage and faithfulness." – James Lewis

Above: Hooks during a trip to Peru with Five Talents

Above: Hooks during a trip to Peru with Five Talents

"Hooks was truly one of the great people that you hope to meet in your life." - Paul Collins

"I admired him for his candor, his humanity, his insight, his kindness, and his indefatigable spirit." - Bill Eggbeer

"Surely God weeps with us when we lose a friend so prematurely." – Rev. Jeff MacKnight

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