March Matchness - Matching Gift Opportunity

March Matchness

Thanks to the generous support of an anonymous donor, every gift to Five Talents was matched during our March Match Campaign.

Our March Match Campaign is over for 2019, but you can still give and make a tremendous impact with Five Talents:

March Match - Filling the basket for community development

A Remarkable Expression

This March which baskets will you be paying attention to?

In East Africa there’s a remarkable expression about community and wealth. The Swahili people say that having neighbors is like having money in a basket. That’s because when neighbors stand together the community is stronger and families have everything they need.

Baskets take center stage in Five Talents ministry around the world. Each week group members walk forward and deposit their savings into brightly colored baskets. As the baskets fill up, the money is counted, loans are given to grow businesses, and interest and profit are shared.

Inside the basket the community’s needs are met and their financial security grows.

Filling the Basket for Community Development

The New Life savings group, for example, lives in an extremely poor area in South Sudan. The group struggled to save just a few dollars each week, but they kept at it and watched their resources grow. Today they have close to $1,000 in savings, own a join pharmacy, and have given loans to over 25 small businesses.

Over the next month we’re asking neighbors like you to help fill our basket, so that together we can reach more families with the training and tools to escape extreme poverty.

Thanks to the generous support of an anonymous donor, every gift to Five Talents from now until April 8th will be matched. (April 8th happens to be the date of the Championship Game of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.)

So, join us for MARCH MATCHNESS and make your biggest impact yet.