From Dependence to Dignity: A Mother’s Story of Business in Burundi

As a mother of eight, Consolate relied on her husband’s meagre income to meet their daily needs. After joining a Five Talents community group, she learned how to develop and manage her own small business. “I decided to sell bananas because I saw that I would be the first in our community to do that business. For me [it was] a good choice as a marketing strategy."

Micro-businesses in Burundi begin with training and are financed by community savings and loans.

Recently, a facilitator in Consolate’s community spoke to her about how being part of the program has impacted her life.

What was your  life situation like before joining the program? 

“Before joining the program, I was among the vulnerable people because I couldn't get money for health care, I couldn’t pay school fees for my children, and even the food for the family was not enough."

Have there been changes in your family relationship or in your ability to provide for your family as a result of this program?

“Before, I was very dependent to my husband in everything. But now, I‘m somehow financially independent because, we are sharing the expenditures to meet our needs. . . I thank God for enabling to join the program because with the loan, I do my business and get profit so that I’m able to meet family needs such as food, education, health care, and more. . ."

Because of the support of friends like you, over 31,000 families in Burundi have access to business training and community savings.

Help more mothers and families like Consolate's escape poverty and become self-sufficient.