Catalyzing Cooperative Business in Myanmar

Rice Farmers Harvest Together in Myanamar

Ohwn is a rice and beans farmer in the Irawaddy Delta region of Myanmar.

After joining a savings group with Five Talents, Ohwn has learned to save and can now access loans to support her small farm.

"After I joined the program, I do not need to worry about expenses of [farming] because I can take a loan from my group."

Within her savings group, Ohwn benefited from training in business management, family budgeting, savings, and financial planning. "I received much knowledge on saving and realized how useful and valuable it is for our family", she says.

Ohwn also partnered with friends to start a new business selling gas and cooking oil. Ohwn and her friends recognized these as two key needs in their local community.

An entrepreneur and her family in Myanmar.

The creation of cooperative businesses is a major component of Five Talents work in Myanmar. Many savings group members form cooperatives to run a joint business. The program itself encourages collaboration and creativity by providing groundnut oil, organic coffee, chili powder, and traditional tea leaves to help these groups take advantage of new business opportunities.

Duringn 2015, 600 residents in the delta region of Yangon were trained in business and financial management and members invested together in bean, rice, and betel palm plantations.

Ohwn now uses increased income to help pay for her son's education. In the future she plans to continue to expand her agricultural business.

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Photos from top. Rrice and grain machine used by a cooperative of small group savings members in Pyay. Ohwn and her family at their home.