Darmawati’s Story: How Housewives Built a Successful Enterprise

Ibu Darmawati joined a savings group five months ago along with several other friends.

Previously she had run a small business making door mats, but due to lack of capital struggled to maintain her business.

After joining a Five Talents savings group, she attended lessons in financial literacy, began to save, and together with four other friends took a joint loan of $325. With the new loan, Ibu Darmawati and her friends were able to purchase materials and develop a larger door mat business, increasing their income and paying back the loan.

Within a short time, the group has employed 36 housewives from the Marunda housing unit on a project basis. They've trained many other women so that when materials are sourced and an order is secured they can produce and sell the mats quickly.

Darmawati shares "As far as financial matters, it helps me get more income. I can help my family coping with the day-to-day expenses."

Darmawati is still trying to grow her business and is looking for regular clients. But now she is no longer alone. Together with her friends, they are able to save and support one another.

"We are in the same group selling the same items so we are always together in many things. . .We help each other if any one of us is in trouble."

As the team enters their second loan cycle, they are poised to offer more opportunity and hope to residents of Marunda.

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