Dreams of my Daughter: Hope for the Vulnerable Poor

Empowering low-income families in Indonesia

Nurhasanah is a mother of three who sells local dishes outside her home on the outskirts of Jakarta. A gifted cook, Nurhasanah prepares vermicelli and cabbage, fried meatballs, and Sayur Asem, a tamarind soup with peanuts, beans, and jackfruit.

For years, Nurhasanah's business struggled to break even and her family often found themselves in debt and unable to meet basic needs.

"We lived from hand to mouth. [There was] just enough to live one day", she says.

 When Nurhasanah's sales were low, she was forced to borrow money for basic needs and she was unable to save any money for her family.

"The proceeds from selling were quite minimal and not enough to meet our daily needs. I always borrowed money from others. . ."

Local lenders charged exorbitant rates and Nurhasanah lacked access to affordable financial services.

When she heard about a new program offering business skills and community savings and loans, Nurhasanah was eager to get involved.

In Indonesia, Five Talents works with GERHATI to empower entrepreneurs from poverty-stricken communities with business skills, small group savings, loans, and holistic care.

Upon joining a Five Talents savings group, Nurhasanah learned skills in financial management, sales, and business development. She also gained access to interest free loans.

As a result of her training and access to capital, Nurhasanah was able to expand her business and increase her income. She began offering new dishes and attracted a larger client base.

"Our family finance is improving. In the past. . .we could not afford to set [money] aside. Now the situation has changed. Our family finances get better and all our day-to day needs are fulfilled. Besides, now I have my money saved in the group."

Nurhasanah continues to save and plan for the future and she looks forward to opening her own restaurant. She has been able to provide for her children and even take them short holidays, exposing them to new opportunities she never imagined possible. The dreams of her daughters are being fulfilled.

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