Jane's Story: Micro-Entrepeneur, Micro-Cow, and Micro-Economic Development


Jane Ngeri Mwangi was the first woman to take a loan from the Gatunguru Trust Group in Thika, Kenya.

 This was in 2009, when the group had around 50 members. Since then they've expanded to over 450 members.

Following Five Talents business training, and having saved hard for an extended period, Jane had the confidence to borrow the substantial sum of 34,000 KSh (Kenya Shillings), about $340, to buy her cow, which she promptly christened Micro.

Yes, that made us smile too!


Since then, Micro has had 4 calves. Jane has sold 3 of them at 30,000 KSh each. The remaining calf has, of course, been christened (yes, you guessed it) Micro Baby.

Not only has Jane made a profit from breeding, but she now has a regular weekly income through selling milk to her local dairy. At first Jane could only sell 1 or 2 litrers of milk to middlemen but now Micro is such a good milker she can sell in bulk direct to the dairy. She's also expanded into poultry and egg production in partnership with her sister.

Jane's Workers

Jane's Workers

Jane's Henhouse

Jane's Henhouse

In all, Jane has taken 8 loans now. The last was 150,000 KSh, a sum which she could hardly have dreamed of 6 years ago. Belonging to the Gatunguru Trust Group has certainly paid dividends for Jane and her family. Asked how the loans and ongoing business guidance have changed her life, she thought for a moment before replying,

"At first, I used the increased profits to pay school fees. Then I improved my home." Then she smiled, adding, "And now, I have even bought a pick-up truck."

This account and all of the photos of Jane Njeri Mwangi were collected by Rob Spencer during a Five Talents UK trip in July 2015. All photos copyright Rob Spencer.

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