Turning on the Lights in Rural Tanzania

Solar Power and Community Banking in Tanzania

Steven Kebassa from Iringa, Tanzania has owned his shop selling foods, soda, water and an assortment of household items for nine months.

But, in the last two months, with the help of a loan from Mama Bahati Foundation and the purchase a solar power system called M-Kopa, Steven's profits have nearly doubled. The difference, quite literally, has been the switching on of a light.

Installing solar power through M-Kopa in Tanzania

Steven and his wife used to rely on a kerosene lamp to light their shop and serve customers but now they've placed one of the two bright M-Kopa bulbs in their shop, and the other on the outside, which casts a clear pool of light out onto the road. The solar powered radio, also from M-Kopa, blasts out loud music. Nobody passing by could ignore the brightly lit, joyful little shop!

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