Leadership Matters: Promoting that which is Beautiful and True

Community leaders work for peace in South Sudan

A LEADER is one who inspires, influences, and guides.

Leadership is about serving and bringing out the best in others.

Great leaders bring us together to work for good. They promote a vision that is both beautiful and true.

Five Talents Trains and Empowers Community Leaders

When Ayak completed literacy training, she became a leader in her church and in her community. Soon she became a leader in her county. As a member of a government council in South Sudan she is committed to "carrying out awareness and advocacy to all people of different tribes to unite, to make peace, and to reduce violence."

Community leaders pray for transformation in South Sudan

Five Talents is proud to be on the journey with friends like you to develop leaders around the world. Through your support, men and women develop their God-given talents and use them for good as leaders in their homes, businesses, and communities.

The world needs more good leaders. Lets pray for goodness in our leaders at every level, especially women like Ayak who demonstrate great courage in the face of adversity.

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Photos from top: Bishop Moses Deng Bol and community leaders in Warrap State stand together for peace in an area previously plagued by war. Womens' leaders pray during the opening of a new community bank in Kuajok, South Sudan.