Rebuilding Business in South Sudan: Fostering economic growth amidst insecurity and inflation

Entrepreneurs develop businesses despite inflation in South Sudan

South Sudan is in the midst of a great crisis. Inflation is at severe rates and nearly half of the country's population faces extreme food shortages.

Discover how Five Talents is helping communities create economic stability and rebuild business in even the most difficult contexts.

Mary Akec is one of many business owners who were forced to close their businesses due to high inflation and economic insecurity in South Sudan. With access to business training and community savings and loans through Five Talents, Mary has now been able to re-launch and expand her business. Read Mary's story:

"After spending five months without doing my small restaurant business, life had become very hard for me and my children. Thank God I had decided to join South Sudan Community Bank in Kuajok to give me another opportunity to resume my business again."

"I used the first loan of SSP 2,000 [about $16] to hire people to do cultivation on my farm. Now I am using the crops from my farm to produce flour. I make different types of food to sell to my customers in Kuajok town."

South Sudan Businesses Create opportunities for economic growth

Mary has now successfully completed 8 loan cycles, borrowing and repaying small loans from the Five Talents-founded community bank. These loans have enabled her to rebuild and grow her restaurant and food business.

Today, Mary employs five staff. She says that her customers like her foods because they are very affordable since they are all produced within the local community.

"My life is back after losing my business due to inflation. I thank God for the business training we received from the community bank to help us trade in local products."

Every day, as many as thirty small business owners like Mary visit the community bank in Kuajok to secure and repay loans. Your support of Five Talents is bringing hope, stability, and economic opportunity to communities like Mary's.