Infographic: Micro-Enterprise Development in South Sudan

We wish that we could bring each of our friends and supporters to villages, like Lietnhom, South Sudan.

We'd introduce you to women and men who are struggling to build survival businesses into sustainable enterprises. We'd walk you through the local market, pictured here, and show you how micro-entrepreneurs are selling crops they've grown, fish they've caught, or goods they've purchased in bulk.

We'd sit in on a savings group meeting, where members make regular deposits into a box that is secured with three locks, and where they take turns withdrawing small loans, which most will use to spark growth in a business that over time will help to put children through school.

Alas, we can't take you to villages like Lietnhom. But we can, in small ways, take Lietnhom to you.


Here is a brand new infographic that highlights the benefits that micro-enterprise, savings groups and business training can bring to under-served, impoverished communities, like Lietnhom. The photo in the infographic was taken shortly after a savings group meeting has ended.

We also include a breakdown of the types of businesses that our micro-entrepreneurs own in Lietnhom. As you'll see, about 44 percent of the businesses fall into the retail & trade category.

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