Seeds of Hope: A Father’s Journey to Financial Freedom


Imagine how you would feel if despite your best efforts you were unable to provide food, clothes, or an education for your children.

For young men in South Sudan, the pressures of poverty are overwhelming.

“My wife almost left me because I did not have a mattress at home”, Dau explains.

As a young father, and while suffering the pain of poverty, Dau turned to alcohol. No matter what he did, there didn’t seem to be any way to earn an honest living. His children suffered, his marriage was in jeopardy, and his faith in God was shaken. . .

But over the past two years, Dau’s world has changed.

Lessons in Business


“I started this business in 2016 after joining the savings group.”

“I was trained on how to start a business by first finding out what people need in my area. I realized people need seeds here.”

Starting small, Dau began a business supplying seeds to local farmers and also selling farm products to his neighbors.

“The most helpful training has been profit calculation which helped me to know whether I am making a profit or loss.”


Through the business lessons and the advice and prayers of others in his group, Dau’s inventory and business began to grow, and his faith and family life also blossomed.

“I did not have a business before, but now I am a business man to support my family”, he says.

Today Dau’s shop employs five others in his community.

In His Own Words


“My two children are now in school and I buy enough food for my family. My wife is no longer leaving me. . .Now I provide for the family needs and I stopped drinking. I will be a nice man in my community and I will be a faithful trader. I thank God that I am a member of our savings group. I pray for love in our community.”

Dau is just one example of a life touched through the ministry of Five Talents. Discover the difference you can make when you invest in the lives of families like Dau’s. A gift of just $85 provides one year of training and ongoing access to community savings and loans, empowering a family with skills and tools to build their own sustainable business.