A Village Grocery and Other Lessons in Business

A new village grocery store in Myanmar.

Business development for returned refugees

“Julie” lives in a remote village along the border of Myanmar and Thailand. Like many others in her community, “Julie” and her family returned to Myanmar after living as refugees in Thailand. Starting over again after moving back home has not been easy, but with the help of the church and a small group of friends, “Julie” is making big strides. Through her savings group, she’s learned lessons in financial management, planning, and business development. She’s also received loans to start and grow her own small business.

Today “Julie” (pictured at right) runs a small grocery store selling household goods and food items. Meanwhile, her husband farms a rice paddy for their family. All four of her children are in school and “Julie” is proud to be a business owner.

The Power of Community Savings

Other members of “Julie’s” group are also creating their own income generating projects. One of the benefits of being in the savings group is access to low interest loans. Members can request loans for business, educational, or emergency expenses. These loans help families to build businesses, absorb shocks, and provide for their families. Three members of “Julie’s” group are now using loans to develop their farms. Meanwhile, one member has taken a loan to pay for her daughter to go to school. Another member, Naw Ywa Hay, used a loan to purchase piglets and set up a small stall. She plans to raise the pigs and sell them for a profit when they are mature.

Villagers discuss and test new business opportunities in Myanmar.

Villagers discuss and test new business opportunities in Myanmar.

Through this program, villagers in Htee Ka Haw are learning new skills, gaining access to financial services, and building their own small businesses.

Make a Difference in Myanmar

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