Becoming an Honest Man and a Modern Farmer

Elie learned to save, invest, and become a modern farmer through Five Talents in Burundi

Meet Elie

As a father of five kids, Elie works hard to ensure his family has the opportunities he never had. Facing challenges at home and on his farm, Elie knew that he needed help.

At the advice of friends, Elie joined a Five Talents savings group that met in his village in Burundi. Through the savings group he learned how to plan and manage his farming business and gained access to community savings and loans. Through the savings group Elie also joined the church in which it met.

The Impact of Church Based Community Savings

“My spiritual life has changed by attending the church and I’ve grown in my self- esteem”, he says.

Elie inspects an enclosure where he keeps his pigs in Burundi

Since joining the group, Elie has been able to buy goats and pigs as well as introduce modern farming techniques to improve his yields.

“A lot of things in my life changed. I have become an honest man {and] a modern farmer. . .I take time to listen to my children and wife and I am now a community leader in our area.”

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