Valentina's Story: How a Juice Business Saved My Family

threatened by poverty and illness

As a mother, Valentina wanted the best for her children. But selling used clothing “didn’t give us much profit”, she said.

When her son lost his job and her daughter become sick, Valentina knew it was time to make a change.

“After the operation on my eldest daughter, I felt compelled to start a new business because her baby needed a special milk to survive.”

Replacing her son’s income and covering the costs of medical expenses and infant formula required a major boost for Valentina’s business.

Valentina and her daughter Esther show off their juice business in Bolivia.

Valentina and her daughter Esther show off their juice business in Bolivia.

A New business through Community Savings

Thankfully, Valentina had received business training from Five Talents through her church and was part of a community savings group.

“Being part of the savings group makes me feel safe, I do not worry about the money, because I know that in the savings group I have an emergency fund. I also feel stronger spiritually because other pastors help me.”

Through her savings group, Valentina received encouragement and prayers. She used her group emergency fund to cover medical expenses and was also approved to take a loan for a new business concept, selling fruit juices and sodas.

“I bought blenders and a grinding machine, and with these instruments I can make soft drinks and juices that I sell at home.”

Every week, Valentina and her daughter work together to make and sell about 300 liters of fresh juice.

“The small business workshop helped me to talk with my daughter and use her talent to search our clients to their homes and businesses.”

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