Transformational Community Development: How to Achieve Lasting Change

Transformational development involves more than just economic growth. It is an approach to community welfare that takes into account spiritual, social, and economic well-being.

The Three Fields of Development 

Spiritual development means connecting witih God through Christ and growing in faith, understanding, character, and service. Five Talents works with churches around the world to help individuals and communities find themselves in the biblical story, affirm their dignity and self-worth, and discover opportunities to use their gifts and talents for good.

Social development entails the creation of strong community networks and support systems. Five Talents brings communities together to address their common concerns and work in partnership for a brighter future. We help savings groups form at a village level and members encourage one another, share, pray, and invest together. Our programs help to strengthen social cohesion, enhance social capital, and build lasting peace.

Economic development means empowering individuals and communities with opportunity and sustainable solutions to poverty. Five Talents provides business skills training and offers access to savings and loans. Financial inclusion results in business development, sustainable income, improved health, access to education, and more. Together our savings and loan associations develop into community owned banks and contribute to substantial economic growth in their communities.

Five Talents works with churches around the world to serve the vulnerable poor. We share hope and help through community savings, spiritual formation, and small businesses development. Transformational development is smart development. It is proven and it works.

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Peter Macharia is the Africa Director for World Concern, a Five Talents Program Partner, and he helps support Five Talents programs in South Sudan.