20 Years Later: Burundi Archbishop Testifies to the Impact of Five Talents

Martin Nyaboho was just a baby bishop when Five Talents was founded twenty years ago. In 1998,  church leaders representing over 160 countries endorsed Five Talents as a Christian response to the challenges of global poverty at the Lambeth Conference.

Today Martin serves as the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Burundi. He oversees a church without about one million members in a country that has been affected by conflict, poverty, and war. With a strong commitment to reconciliation, peace-building, and serving the poor, Archbishop Martin has witnessed first-hand the impact of his church's partnership with Five Talents.

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Celebrating Transformation in Burundi: The Power of Community Savings

Five Talents serves over 30,000 members of community savings groups across Burundi. Membership in these groups means access to financial literacy; secure savings; and business, development, and emergency loans. Eighty percent of members are women and most are single mothers who use their savings and business income to provide education, healthcare, and nutritious food for their children.

Discover how families are building small businesses and a brighter future for their communities: