Debt-Free Development in Indonesia: Nuriah's Story

Debt-free business development in Indonesia

Nuriah cares for two biological children and four adopted orphans. Her catering business serves low-wage factory workers in an industrial area of Jakarta. 

Small Business Development in Indonesia

Previously, her business relied on funding from loan sharks who charged exorbitant interest for quick cash. Her profits disappeared each month in repayment and she struggled to provide food and clothing for her children. Now, with access to secure savings and loans through Five Talents and GERHATI, Nuriah has been able to expand her business without incurring debt.

"Economically, we are getting better and I make better relationships with the people around me. I can buy the children the clothes they like and now I can give them pocket money. . . It is not difficult anymore for me to care for my family. It is easier now. I have savings for the days to come."

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