Setiowaty's Story: Increasing Income in Indonesia

Entrepreneurs learn to develop sustainable businesses in Indonesia

Setiowaty is forty years old and the mother of two children. She is a hard worker who has traversed the slums of Jakarta as a door-to-door salesperson and in search of work.

Over the years Setiowaty has run several small businesses to support her family, including a clothing alteration shop, preparing breakfast foods, a general goods kiosk, and selling household appliances.

Building strong businesses in Indonesia among the poor

She has been a member of a savings group through GERHATI for over six years.

"Overall, our welfare is much better than it was. I remember that I was always late in paying my kids school fees but I don't have that anymore now."

In fact, since joining a savings group Setiowaty's household income has increased by more than 100%. She now commands a steady income of over $25 per day.

Setiowaty is able to take both of her children to school, meet food costs, and set aside savings each month. She used to rent a house, but now she's been able to purchase her own home, setting up an extra room on the front of the house as a small kiosk.

"With the increased income from the kiosk, I no longer sell household appliances to the neighbors on door-to-door sales. I don't spend time outside like I did before. [Instead], I can stay at home to keep the kiosk and hence I have more time to spend with my children."

Setiowaty is now saving for her children's future. "I want to bring my children to a high level of education and for each to get a bachelor's degree."

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